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On "Flores Highway" to the Komodo dragons ...

A unique attraction that is world famous and not found anywhere else are the prehistoric Komodo dragons living west of Flores on Komodo and Rinca island. The islands can be reached by boat from Labuan Bajo on Flores Island. Both islands belong to the Komodo National Park. Of the approximately 3000 Komodo dragons, over 1200 live on the smaller "dragon" island, Rinca. This means that the island of Rinca is more densely populated with Komodos and the probability of seeing these prehistoric animals in the wild is greater than on Komodo. Rinca is very scenic and closer to Labuan Bajo, so for a day trip to Komodo National Park we recommend visiting Rinca Island instead of Komodo.

There is only one road from East to West Flores, which we affectionately call the "Flores Highway". from Maumere to Labuan Bajo it's "only" 550km, but since the landscape is mountainous and the Flores Highway is curvy and not always in good condition, you need 20 hours driving time for the route. In order to visit all the sights comfortably, we recommend planning 4 days with 3 overnight stays (in Moni, Bajawa and Ruteng) for the tour from Maumere to Labuan Bajo. If you start the tour in Maumere early in the morning (5-6 a.m.), 3 days and 2 nights (in Bajawa and Ruteng) from Maumere to Labuan Bajo are enough. It is theoretically and practically possible, but not recommended, to jet from Maumere to Labuan Bajo in 2 days.

A tour from east to west Flores (or vice versa) can also include a "detour" to Riung on the north coast of Flores and the 17 Islands National Park or trekking to Wae Rebo. An extra night in Bajawa with a hike to remote traditional Ngada villages is also worthwhile. The main attraction of a Flores land tour is the Kelimutu volcano with its three colored crater lakes

For a tour from Maumere to Labuan Bajo, we can provide you with an air-conditioned car with an experienced driver, or we can organize an individual tour with an English or German-speaking guide, including all overnight stays on the tour. In the high season (July/August) pre-booking of accommodation is absolutely necessary.

Here is an excerpt from our Komodo Flores tour offer with photos and descriptions:

The scenic and cultural Highlights on Flores  Island in Indonesia

The scenic and cultural Highlights on Flores Island in Indonesia

In order to see all the sightseeings on Flores, we recommend planning at least 4 days from Maumere (East Flores) to Labuan Bajo (West Flores) or vice versa from Labuan Bajo to Maumere.

Highlights: Koka Beach ❋ Volcano Kelimutu with its 3 crater lakes that change colors ❋ ancient Ngada villages Bena and Luba ❋ green hills and spider-web rice fields

Short trips to the highlights of Flores

Komodo National Park - Komodo Dragon - Komodo Tour Package - Indonesia


3 Days/2 Nights Komodo Tour
(including travel days from/to Bali or Jakarta )

You can see the Komodo dragons as part of a day trip in Komodo National Park.

During a multi-day boat tour you can visit both "Dragon Islands" Komodo and Rinca and also have the opportunity to extensively explore the unique underwater world in Komodo National Park while snorkeling, relax on Pink Beach and enjoy the spectacular view of Padar Island and/or Gili Lawa Barat admire.

Kelimutu, Vulkan, Flores, Indonesien, Reise, Tour


3 Days/ 2 Nights Kelimutu Tour
(including travel days from/to Bali or Jakarta )

Kelimutu Volcano with its 3 color changing lakes is an active volcano near Moni in Central Flores in Indonesia.

Kelimutu Volcano consists of three crater lakes that have different colors due to minerals. The colors of the lakes have changed drastically several times over the years. The lunar landscape of the craters is believed by locals to be a haunt of spirits.

Flores - Komodo - Islands in Indonesia. Travel and Tours

Flores & Komodo National Park

Only one road leads through Flores, which we affectionately call the "Flores Highway". Tempting detours and hikes can be built into a tour from east to west Flores and Komodo dragons can be seen on the western offshore islands.

On our website you can find some tour examples with photos and details. From 5 Days till 10 Days or even longer.

5 days / 4 nights comfort Flores Highlights Tours

A Flores country tour by car discourages some from traveling to Flores because of the long car journeys. With a flight between Labuan Bajo and Ende and/or Bajawa and Labuan Bajo, one can comfortably visit the main attractions with a combination of a short land tour and short flights on the island of Flores. Here are 2 travel examples:

Komodo Kelimutu Tour

Highlights Tour - Komodo & Kelimutu

4 nights in hotels ❋ day boat trip in Komodo National Park ❋ Flight Labuan Bajo - Ende ❋ 2 days Kelimutu land tour

Kelimutu Bena Komodo and Pink Beach

Hightlights Tour - Kelimutu, Ngada Village Bena & 2 Days in Komodo

3 nights in hotels ❋ 3 days land tour ❋ Flight Bajawa - Labuan Bajo ❋ 2 days/ 1 night sail in Komodo National Park

Flores und Komodo Deluxe Tour

Flores & Komodo Deluxe Tour - Kelimutu volcano & Komodo dragons

6 days / 5 nights from/to Bali

With a flight between Labuan Bajo and Ende, both main attractions of Flores, the 3-colored lakes of the Kelimutu volcano and a visit to the prehistoric Komodo dragons can be combined without long car journeys. With our Deluxe Tour we offer a tour variant with luxurious accommodation in boutique villas.

Culture - Nature - Hiking & Trekking Tours on Flores in Indonesia

Wae Rebo Flores Ruteng Indonesia

Wae Rebo Trekking Tour

4 Days /3 Nights from/to Labuan Bajo
(including travel days from/to Bali or Jakarta )

Wae Rebo is an ancient village with a unique architecture, isolated in a beautiful mountainous area in the Manggarai of West Flores. It consists of 7 traditional circular and cone shaped buildings called Mbaru Niang which means "Drum Houses" in Manggarai language.

Wae Rebo can only be reached in a 3-4 hour hike. The village offers visitors an opportunity to see authentic Manggarei architecture and take part in the life of the local village community. The hike leads along a narrow path through dense rainforest with orchids, palm trees and various ferns and is accompanied by the singing of many different birds

Ngada Villages and Vulcano Kelimutu

Ngada villages near Bajawa

4 Days/3 Nights Tour from Labuan Bajo to Maumere
(including travel days from/to Bali or Jakarta )

Even if the island of Flores is predominantly Catholic, there are well-preserved traditional villages, especially in the interior of the island, where megalithic cultures are still alive today. These villages are isolated nestled between two volcanoes Gunung Inerie and Gunung Deru. They have a particular form of vernacular architecture with shrines for male and female ancestors (Ngadhu and Bhaga) in the center of these villages. Animistic rituals and ancestor worship characterize daily life to this day.

The villages of Bena and Luba are easily visited with an overnight stay in Bajawa. Visiting other more isolated Ngada villages like Desa Gurusina, Desa Belaraghi, Desa Tololela involves trekking from/to Bajawa.

Eventful Flores and Komodo round trip with all highlights

Adventure - Hikking - Snorkeling

15 days/14 nights

Adventure - Hiking - Snorkeling

An intensive encounter with the different facets of culture, nature and people on Flores

Sailing on a Phinisi in Komodo National Park

❋ Snorkeling at 17 Island in Riung and Maumere Bay

❋ Kelimutu Volcano & visit of traditional Lio villages

❋ Hiking to traditional Ngada villages near Bajawa

❋ Trekking to Wae Rebo traditional Village

❋ Ikat weaving in Sikka & Caci dance in Manggarai.

All our tours are private and can be tailored to your wishes and interests.


Benefit from our many years of experience on Flores Island in Indonesia

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All our tours are private and tailored to your individual interests, schedules and wishes. You are welcome to send us your questions. You can write us in English, German and Indonesia. We will get back to you shortly with the information you requested. We are in Indonesia so please take the time difference into account.

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